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The STS-51G crew wore the standard AB Emblem embroidered mission emblems on their flight suits and on their in-flight clothing, thus there is no rare 'crew patch' for this mission.

Note that as far we know no Lion Brothers patch was ever produced for this mission, and no vintage Cape Kennedy Medals version has been identified either.

Embroidered Mission Patches

Patch id:

STS-51G AB Emblem patch

Worn by crew? Yes. AB Emblem STS-51G patch
Flown? Yes.
Manufacturer: AB Emblem
Distribution: Sold as souvenirs.
Dimensions: 4 x 4¾" / 102 x 120mm
Type: Fully embroidered. Merrowed border with tail.
Scarcity: Common.
Value: Minimal value.
Notes: The AB Emblem patch was the version used by the crew. The patch has a separate name tab sewn on at the bottom.
Patch id:

STS-51G Swissartex patch

Worn by crew? No. Swissartex STS-51G patch
Flown? No.
Manufacturer: Swissartex Emblem Inc.
Distribution: Sold as souvenirs.
Dimensions: 3⅞ x 4⅜" / 99 x 110mm
Type: Fully embroidered. Merrowed border with tail.
Scarcity: Uncommon.
Value: Vintage examples sell for $10-$15.
Notes: The vintage version of the Swissartex STS-51G mission patch exists both with a waxy plastic backing and with a vacuum sealed clear plastic coating on the reverse. The fronts of the two versions are virtually identical.
The Swissartex patch was only ever produced as a one-piece design.
Patch id:

STS-51G unknown manufactuer patch

Worn by crew? No. Unknown manufacturer STS-51G patch
Flown? No.
Distribution: Unknown
Dimensions: 4" (100mm) across
Type: Fully embroidered. Merrowed border.
Scarcity: Scarce.
Value: Unknown.
Notes: This mystery vintage version of the STS-51G patch was worn by members of the Saudi Arabian working on the Arabsat 1-B project with Al-Saud. It uses a distinctly brown color of thread for the eagle's underside and has significantly larger writing.
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