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Lion Brothers Space Patches: About this site

I created the original Lion Brothers Space Patches mini site back in 2007 to bring together as much information as possible on the embroidered space patches produced by the Lion Brothers company. This mini site has now been incorporated as part of CrewPatches.com, although the content remain essentially unchanged.

Although Lion Brothers was never the official producer of patches for NASA, the quality of space patches they produced, both in terms of artwork and embroidery, is generally considered to be among the best of the Apollo era. This, coupled with their relative scarcity, has made Lion Brothers space patches highly collectible today.

This mini site provides the collector with a complete list of known Lion Brothers Apollo and Shuttle-era patches, as well as details of some rare prototype patches and background notes on when their patches were produced, what techniques were used in their production and where they were sold.

Note that some of these patches are available to buy in my eBay Store:

Link to eBay Crew Patches listings