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The Gemini 12 embroidered patch is clearly visible on Aldrin's spacesuit in the detail from S66-59940 shown on the left.

The patch is also visible in the shot of Buzz Aldrin's EVA shown in S66-62782 (right).

The images at the bottom are details from photos taken of the crew post-flight (from the LIFE archives), and clearly show the distinctive colors of the crew patch.

The actual patch worn by Buzz Aldrin on his spacesuit during the Gemini 12 mission along with the nametag and US flag patches from his suit, was original sold at the Superior Spring 1995 auction for $2,300 then resold via Heritage Auctions at their spring 2008 space auction on March 25, for just under $30,000 [2].

The Crew Patch

Patch id:

Gemini 12 Crew Patch

Worn by crew? Yes. The crew wore these patches on their space suits during the mission.
Flown? Yes. Worn on space suits and carried as souvenirs by the crew.
Manufacturer: Unknown.
Distribution: Likely limited to the crew and NASA.
Dimensions: 3" / 75mm
Type: Fully embroidered. Stitched border with cut edge.
Scarcity: Extremely rare. Only four unflown examples sold in recent years.
Value: The most recent unflown examples to be sold fetched between $137 and $1000[1].
Notes: There are some fairly accurate replicas of the Gemini 12 Crew Patch to be aware of, in particular the Eagle One Aerospace version as noted below.

Other Embroidered Mission Patches

Patch id:

AB Emblem 2010 Replica patch

Worn by crew? No.
Flown? No.
Manufacturer: AB Emblem
Distribution: Available commercially.
Dimensions: Approx. 3" / 770mm
Type: Fully embroidered. Merrowed border with 'tail'.
Scarcity: Limited production run.
Value: On sale at approx. $7
Notes: A high quality modern replica of the Gemini 12 crew patch, produced by AB Emblem in 2010 in collaboration with Gene Dorr.
Patch id:

AB Emblem souvenir patch

Worn by crew? No.
Flown? No.
Manufacturer: AB Emblem
Distribution: Sold commercially.
Dimensions: Approx. 3" / 75mm
Type: Partially embroidered on black twill. Merrowed edge with 'tail'.
Scarcity: Common.
Value: Minimal value.
Notes: This is the standard souvenir AB Emblem version of the Gemini 12 mission patch. The layout is accurate but the color of the spacecraft is nothing like that of the original.
Patch id:

Eagle One Aerospace Replica patch

Worn by crew? No.
Flown? No.
Manufacturer: Eagle One Aerospace / Cargo Bay Emblems
Distribution: Was available commercially.
Dimensions: Approx 3¼" / 114mm high
Type: Fully embroidered. Merrowed edge.
Scarcity: Uncommon.
Value: Unknown.
Notes: A convincing replica patch produced in the late 80s by Eagle One Aerospace. Difficult to differentiate from the real thing from the front although the text is actually a little too neat, the "A" is narrower, and the "ALDRIN" is significantly displaced to the left in this replica. The easiest difference to spot is the significant gap between the "LOVELL" text and the outer black border.

[1] Examples of Crew Patch sales:
    Heritage Auctions September 21, 2007 lot 25085 at $5078.75 (inc buyer's fees) [FLOWN]
    eBay item no. 400001741895 sold at $511.13 Oct 19, 2008.
    eBay item no. 150219906195 sold at $710.01 Mar 3, 2008.
    Private sale at $1000 May 2010.
    Lunar Legacies Space Auction lot 105 Feb 19, 2011 sold at $460 (inc. fees) [some soiling]
    eBay item no. 110695758108 sold at $502.99 Jun 8, 2011.
    Goldberg Space Auction lot no. 1104 Jul 10, 2011 sold at $855.50 [ex Al Rochford, suit tech]
    Lunar Legacies site July 2011 sold at $324.95
    RRAuction Lot 206 Sep 22, 2011 sold at $1719.60 (FLOWN, in lucite, ex-Cernan).
    Lunar Legacies Space Auction lot 78 Nov 20, 2011 sold at $414 (inc. fees)
    eBay item no. 180759435540 sold at $555.55 Nov 25 2011.
    Heritage Fall 2011 Space sale lot 410025 Nov 30 2011 sold at $1,314.50 [FLOWN]
    eBay item no. 190657253697 Apr 26, 2012 sold at $450
    eBay item no. 140756771574 May 27, 2012 sold at $384
    Lunar Legacies Space Auction lot 79 Jun 2, 2012 sold at $413 (inc. fees)
    eBay item no. 261069416452 Jul 24, 2012 sold at $464
    eBay item no. 140849473264 Sep 15, 2012 sold at $338
    eBay item no. 221149387282 Nov 4, 2012 sold at $49.99 [warped]
    Regency/Superior Space Auction lot no. 74 Jan 11, 2013 sold at $136.85 (inc fees)
    eBay item no. 121062247557 Feb 9, 2013 sold at $299
    Regency/Superior Space Auction lot no. 98 Oct 3, 2013 sold at $333.20 (inc fees)
    eBay item no. 380747735815 Oct 17, 2013 sold at $36.99 [buy-it-now with many other patches]
    Bonhams Space Auction lot 134 Apr 8, 2014 sold at $4,375 [FLOWN, from Gordon Cooper's collection]
    Heritage Space Auction lot 40076 May 14 2014 sold at $937.50 FLOWN (JL)
    RR Auction lot 163 Apr 22, 2014 sold at $584.33 (unflown, mounted with crew ISP)
    eBay item no. 261499155629 Jun 18, 2014 sold at $279 [buy-it-now]
    eBay item no. 171729364080 Mar 29, 2015 sold at $250
    eBay item no. 141693227975 Jun 14, 2015 sold at $5 [buy-it-now]
    eBay item no. 272444824449 Nov 20, 2016 sold at $178.60
    Heritage Space Auction lot 50048 May 19 2017, sold at $1625 FLOWN (JL)
    Heritage Space Auction lot 50050 May 19 2017, embeded in lucite with flown heatshield.
    Lunar Legacies Space Auction lot 94 Jul 15, 2017 sold at $285.60

[2] Heritage Auctions March 25, 2008 lot 58147.

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